Use Weird Tricks To Make your Eyes Bigger

Bigger eyes seem to make you look younger and alert. All eye shapes are beautiful, don’t get me wrong! I myself have small almond-shaped eyes and don’t want to honk my own horn, but some people have complimented me on it! Not all of us have big eyes. However, we can always create an illusion by using clever make-up techniques.

Here we will guide you through some simple tips and tricks that will help make your eyes bigger.

आंखों को बड़ा दिखाने की आसान TRICKS – Use Weird Tricks To Make your Eyes Bigger Video Tutorial | Anaysa

If you also have small eyes like me, then this video is a must for your watch. Today I have shared simple make-up tips and tricks that will certainly help you make your eyes look taller and bigger.

Best Eyeshadow Tutorials For Beginners

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3 Step Easy Cut Crease for Hooded Eyes

If you have kept your eyes closed, I bet you are familiar with the struggle for smooth eye makeup. If you’re not sure about the size of your eyes, take a closer look at your eyelids – if the lid area doesn’t see too much, you have eyes. Your crease is hidden under the upper part of your lid, and your brows bone is less defined. We have put an eye makeup tutorial for all of you with the hood eyes to give your people a serious lift. Read further some amazing eye makeup tricks and techniques that will work for you.

3-Step Easy Cut Crease for Hooded Eyes – Video Tutorial

She was for makeup on our eyes. We hope that next time you struggle with your makeup, this article will work for you. Are you excited to try this look? Let us know by commenting below!

Best Eyeshadow Tutorials For Beginners

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How To Make Kajal or Eyeliner at Home

Historically, kajal was used not only to beautify and add drama to the eyes, but also to calm down the eyes and strengthen the vision. The cooling qualities of the house’s mascara helped to cool the eyes and remove any impurities out. But as soon as we moved towards a large – scale commercial mascara from organic homemade kajal, we also lost health benefits. We have actually replaced the good qualities of mascara with chemicals and other substances that can damage our eyes. The purpose of this post is to bring back the art of making kajal back with the hope that it inspires more and more people to try to make their kohl at home.

HOW TO MAKE KAJAL or EYELINER at home without Beeswax, Charcoal – Smudge Free, Long Lasting, Black – Video Tutorial

Note: make sure all the things you use are gathered to clean the soot from knives to the container to the container. Also, if possible, try to use a silver container to store your mascara. Use eyeliner brush or q-tip year buddy to apply mascara.

One way to make a good kohl eyed look is that you apply kajal at night and wash your face in the morning. This will leave a subtle kohl-lined eyes that look natural yet dramatic. Since the ingredients are all natural and really good for your eyes, you should not worry about leaving it all night. Cooling properties will help you clean your eyes.

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Best Eye Makeup Tutorials for Beginners

The makeup of your eyes speaks about your style and when done right, it has the power to be highly variable. You should not be a makeup supporter or beauty guru to get big, bold and gorgeous eyes. There are endless ways of doing blasting work with your eyes and we have some great eye makeup look for you. Yeah! Now you have no need to worry about what eye makeup you are wearing on your next night. We have taken care of you.

Top Best Eye Makeup Tutorials 😍 | VIRAL EYE MAKEUP VIDEOS ON INSTAGRAM Nail Art and Hairstyles – Video Tutorial

Best Eye Makeup Tutorials – Beauty Hacks

Top Best Eye Makeup Tutorials 😍

Posted by Women Fashion on Sunday, March 24, 2019

So there you have it, the best eye makeup tutorial. There’s a look for every occasion – from special program to daily wear. We hope you liked the article and discover the styles you’d like to try! How does your favorite eye makeup look like all the time? Let us know in the comment section.

15 Fabulous Bridal Eye Makeup Ideas for Your Big Day

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HOW TO: Apply Eyeliner For Beginners!

Applying Liquid eyeliner may be terrified, especially if you’re only a beginning – you should really have a steady hand, and a wrong step enchants the disasters. Too scary, isn’t it? However, with a little bit of patience and practice, you can eventually improve the skills of applying liquid eyeliner easily. This article is a step-by-step guide to turn you into wing wings that you were always to be. If you are willing to learn, read to be enlightened on how to apply liquid eyeliner properly.

HOW TO: Apply Eyeliner For Beginners | chiutips – Video Tutorial

How are my 3 Step Guide Here: apply liquid eyeliner for the beginning. Applying Liquid eyeliner is not an easy task, even for experienced makeup lovers, but I have made this app simple in 3 simple to follow the steps for beginners! I hope you’ll like it!

17 EYE Makeup Tricks Every Girl Should Know

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16 Amazing Eyeliner Tips, Tutorials and Looks

Are you new to eye makeup? Want to know some basic moves that can help you get a dramatic pair of eyes without mastered the art? Just focus on how to sort your eyes beautifully and you will be ready to make others fun with your looks. Eyes are one of the most attractive parts of our face and we should increase them by wearing eye liner while making makeup. Now, for many new people, the biggest question is how to put a pencil razor in the right way. Well, by underlining your eyes, your whole form may be bad. So, let’s learn the step-by-step process of wearing eye liner from this post.

Before you start, understand what is what an eyeliner is.

What is an eyeliner?

An eyeliner is a cosmetic makeup that is used to highlight the upper lid of the eye. They help the eyes look big and bright. Generally Black, the pencil eyeliners also come in different colors to blue, green, brown and even shimmering metal shaed.

16 Amazing Eyeliner Tips, Tutorials and Looks 2018 | December 2018 – Video Tutorial

We hope that now you have mastered the art of putting a perfect eyeliner. Remember that there is no art in the first attempt. Regular practice and experiments with different styles can help you make a permanent eyeliner that definitely catches some eyes. Let your eyes speak to your style!

17 Makeup Tutorial for Glamorous and Dramatic Holiday Looks

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How To Apply Perfect Winged Eyeliner

On the off chance that your ordinary look is excessively unsurprising for your preferring – we’re taking a gander at you, great feline eye – at that point a little experimentation is an unquestionable requirement. Furnished with your trusty regular devices, get the opportunity to work making this striking half winged eyeliner look. It’s anything but difficult to accomplish and simple on the eyes!

What will I have to make the half winged eyeliner look?

Dark felt eyeliner, in a perfect world double finished or with an oar tip (this takes into consideration thick and thin lines)

Stage 1 – Draw a large portion of a line on your upper lash line, Utilizing the edge on a double end felt eyeliner, draw a line on your upper lash line. Begin from the center and take it the distance to the end, so you’re just illustration a large portion of a line.

Wing Eyeliner लगाते समय यह गलतियां न करें – How To Apply Perfect Winged Eyeliner | Anaysa – Video Tutorial

Stage 2 – Draw a winged flick toward the finish of the line, Change to the exactness side of the felt eyeliner to make a winged flick. To do this, hold the skin tight and draw a line calculated towards the temples to make the base of the wing.

Stage 3 – Fill in the wing, Fill in the blueprint of the wing you have made by joining the base of the wing with the line along the lash line.

Top tip: Create the winged impact by applying the eyeliner in little strokes to dodge botches.

Stage 4 – Draw a line at the base, To include definition, draw a short line at the base of the wing into the lower lash line.

Stage 5 – Repeat on other eye, Go through stages 1-4 on the other eye until the point when both seem symmetrical.

Stage 6 – Apply mascara, and add layers of mascara to your lashes for a shudder commendable wrap up.

17 EYE Makeup Tricks Every Girl Should Know

Read More

7 Different Kajal Eye Looks for Beginners

Kajal a heavy black eye cosmetic is traditionally used for the eye-outline in South Asia and the Middle East. Applying mascara may seem scary the first time, but it is a simple eyeliner for applying and using. You can use a pencil to make a tight, controlled liner with your eyes, or you can use a brush or stick to make a thick, blurry style. Once you master the technique, try different styles and designs to woo everyone around you.

Image result for 7 अलग काजल लुक | 7 different Kajal eye looks | Kajal look for beginners

7 अलग काजल लुक | 7 different Kajal eye looks | Kajal look for beginners

Therefore, women, we hope that we have made your work easier and have given you some new ideas to help you play with your mascara pencil. Remember, make-up is an art, and you are the artist. Do not be afraid to experiment with something new to help you choose your favorite one.

How To Apply Perfect Winged Eyeliner

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Creative Beauty Hacks You Have To SEE to BELIEVE!

Oh the festival struggle, we all know it well. Going to a festival is undoubtedly the main features of our summer. Electric picnic from foreboding fruit and everything from between. There should be a daily struggle to try the small negative side of a single teen in a tent, which is almost the size of the cardboard box.

Creative Beauty Hacks You Have To SEE to BELIEVE!

How To Apply Perfect Winged Eyeliner

Well women, do not be scared because we have created some beautiful festive beauty hacks, which will pull the tension from your morning routine, which leaves more time to do fun.

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Use These Tricks To Apply Perfect Wing Eyeliners on Both Eyes

Eyeliner is some extreme cosmetic method for all accounts, and since it can either represent the moment of the truth of your eye make-up, I thought I would share the touch of what I found out about it. Issues canvassed in the video.

Image result for Use These TRICKS To Apply Perfect Wing Eyeliners on BOTH Eyes | Shruti Arjun Anand

Use These TRICKS To Apply Perfect Wing Eyeliners on BOTH Eyes By Shruti Arjun Anand – Video Tutorial

How to apply the required dark eyeliner on the best cover, how to keep the liner from stretching, filling in the hole between liner and gloss, how to adjust the eyeliner on top of the best with eyeliner on the base top, Offer for base top eyeliner.

17 EYE Makeup Tricks Every Girl Should Know

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