Trendy Saree Blouse Back Neck Designs

stylish blouse back neck designs featured

Trendy Saree Blouse Back Neck Designs!

Call all sari lovers! I have a question … When it comes to looking great in sari, what do you think is the most important? Agree, there are some aspects of these kinds. Well, if you ask me – the blouse is really the winner! A badly, badly cut blouse looks rigid, and a sire (and wearer) with a faded, sick match will take full grace. Ever heard the story – a bride would take beautiful, but a strange bodice looted the costume of her beauty! In fact, this is not only sari – formal weddings will wear saris or office-wear sarees – but they also take great advantage with beautiful, well-sewing blouses or cholis.

But, as some ‘follow the rules for the blouse’, there are also smart ways to make the style there. like? For starters, invest in good clothes and status. Then, decide on designs – Evergreen, timeless ones or chic, modish ones; Heavy embroidery or minimum. Always choose a back design intelligently because it is actually a ‘visible’ part. Choose something because it’s modern – choose it because it will look great on ‘you’ and this occasion. To help you – here we bring you a list of 20 awesome sari blouse back designs.

20 Stylish and Trendy Saree Blouse Back Neck Designs

Hope you enjoyed this lavish couture tour. You must have surely decided on your Saree Blouse Back Neck Designs. There is a wide array of options so it’s sure that there is a perfect match for each one of you.

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Keyhole Neckline Blouse Designs For Every Body Type

Keyhole Neckline Blouse Designs For Every Body Type

Sarees are one of the most important traditional attire worn by the females. The best thing about the sarees is that these can be worn in different ways and styles. But the real charm of the sarees can only be brought out with the right blouse style. With a stylish blouse, it is even possible to make a simple saree look beautiful without much effort. The designer blouses are available in different styles and patterns and high neck designs is one of the most popular styles of blouses, which gives a really elegant and classy look. The high neck blouses are of various styles and the keyhole neckline is one of those.

Keyhole Blouse Pattern

Keyhole At Front Side

Keyhole neckline – a few details:

Keyhole backline is basically seen in the form of a center hollow or a keyhole image at the back. In some cases, this can even be a simple slit located at the center line. Here the split is secured at the top with an eye and hook or with a button or loop. Although the drop or teardrop shape is most common in the keyhole style, but these days, the fashion designers are also bringing the keyhole style in the shapes of round, oval or diamond, eye or pan by modifying and also by keeping the hollowness as a creative part of these blouses. Due to the elegant style of this blouse style, by wearing it, one can look smart, trendy and elegant even in the high class parties.

Oval Shape Keyhole Blouse Design

Keyhole neckline looks great in case the front part of the blouse is embroidered. Besides, the back side of the blouse is accentuated with some embroidery work. Apart from that, this style also looks good on the plain blouses with no work. Depending on the preference of the users, the keyhole can be narrow or a big round. The latter is a great option for women, who have the perfect back to flaunt. Besides, users can also get the teardrop design in the front part of the blouse. In this case, the keyholes in the front part of the blouses are created narrow.

Tear Drop Back Neck Blouse Design

Keyhole neckline- why this style is so popular?

Keyhole necklines are basically small sized drops in the blouses, which actually look really great and smart. So, in case you don’t prefer chunky necklines, then the keyhole neckline works as a modern, edgy and completely unexpected style, which just shows the right amount of skin while keeping the overall look really modest. This is why, this neckline goes well with party wear, formal and casual sarees.

Net Keyhole Back Blouse Design

In this style, the keyhole can either be decorated with moti, jewels, latkans and doris or can be left opened. In some cases, mirror work or embroidery work can be done around the keyhole blouse design or the keyhole.

Vertical Keyhole Blouse Design

Another great thing about this blouse is that this blouse style suits every woman irrespective of the age while making the person look fashionable. The best part of this keyhole neckline is that it is possible to experiment a lot on this blouse style like the keyhole can be placed in the middle or in the side part of the blouse. Besides, there is also a big chance to experiment with different fabrics like silk, cotton, zari or heavy work materials.

Designer Keyhole Neckline


So, if you prefer to experiment with the blouse necklines instead of the blouse styles, then choosing the keyhole neckline will just be great. On the other hand, if you prefer wearing high neck blouses while revealing a bit of skin, then this is the best choice for you. The blouses with keyhole neckline can add oomph to any ensemble whether it is high collared or sleeveless. This is also a great option for women with flat chest or pear shaped body as this style offers a fuller look. There are numerous variations of this neck style, which will surely make you stand out.

High Neck Blouses With Keyhole

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new blouses designs featured

Achieving a perfect shaped body is a heartfelt desire to every woman and some work too hard to gain it. With proper diet and exercise, you can get a slim waist but the story may not be same in the case of your arms. Flabby arms often cause a huge problem for women who face serious issues while putting on the blouse designs of their choice. But do you really think that a simple problem with your arms should stop you from trying out new blouse designs? So make some intelligent choice when you are picking the right blouse for your flabby arms. Not just the blouse designs, we will be providing you with some of the fashion tricks that will help you hide the flab while looking fabulous. Just be carefree, accept how your body actually is and put a permanent end to all the woes about your figure. First, we will be talking about the blouses and then will disclose the tricks for you.

Blouses with Elbow Length

Those who love to experiment with different blouse designs and in most of the cases you are highly appreciated for the attempt, then elbow length blouses are just for you. Wearing these blouses can help you hide the flabby arms and they are accepted highly in today’s fashion industry among women of all ages.

Blouses With Elbow Length

Boat Neck with Long Sleeves

Boat necks have their unique position in the hearts of the women and always win the race against its competitors for every occasion, be it a wedding ceremony, an occasional family gathering, party or something else. Whatever sari you may put on, boat neck blouses always rock the style with their appealing outlook. Just make sure that the neck of your blouse is embroidered properly with a pair of 3/4th sleeves to make eyes roll on you and shift their attention to the collar neck instead of your flabby arms.

Boat Neck With Long Sleeves

High Neck Blouses

If you are looking for an option to hide, your heavy arms while flaunting something that makes you feel confident, high neck blouses with full sleeves are just meant for you. It will not cover up you entirely rather help in showing off the body parts that make you more attractive to the viewers. For the women who have a long neck and heavy arms, latest designs of high neck blouses can be your perfect inspiration.

High Neck Full Sleeves Blouses

Blouses with Net Fabrics

Women often love to flaunt their shoulders with the cut sleeves. But having flabby arms can be problematic for you to maintain the sexy cut sleeves. So, what we suggest is picking the blouses with net fabrics or any other sheer fabric to make your heavy arms invisible. Put on an embroidered sari with net fabrics and keep some handy classic jewellery to accessorize yourself.

Blouses With Net Fabrics

Some specific types of blouses such as puff sleeves, capes, or sleeveless blouses must be avoided for the flabby arm issues.

Now, here comes the tips that can help you out when you have no such time to prepare.

Cover up your hands

Whatever blouse you may choose from the above-mentioned types of blouses, make sure that your flabby arms are always covered.

Cover Up Your Hands

Wear Open shoulders

Wearing open shoulder is the best solution for your flabby arms. While looking at your dress, people will not be bothered about your arms as the glamorous shoulders are ready to steal the show.  Keep shifting their attention with eye-catching accessories and quirky waistbands.

Open Shoulders Blouse With Eye-Catching Accessories

Rely on Small Prints and dark hues

Large prints and horizontal stripes will only make your arms look flabbier. So despite experimenting with wrong things that can harm your personality trust the small prints with dark hues. Dark colors help in concealing extra fat in your body and in such case, it will maintain a balance between your chest and arms.

Blouse With Stripes And Small Prints

No more you need to wait for flaunting your beauty. Your flabby arms have truly nothing to do with how nice you are as a person. So keep the elegance alive in every phase of life. At least try it positively. And if you found it a good read, share it with others as well!