Latest Blouse Back Neck Designs

Latest Blouse Back Neck Designs

Today we are going to discuss an important aspect of saree that is going to make a world of difference to your overall style.

It’s the saree blouse sleeve design. Unfortunately, many take it for granted and often would stick to boring styles. If you care to see this as a wonderful aspect to improve your saree look, you will get lots of compliments on it.

Can’t believe?

Suppose say, you always stick to the standard half sleeve blouses, next time try an elbow sleeve blouse instead, and wear the same saree, then you will notice how a sleeve style can alter your look.

Similarly, if you have been trying boring plain sleeves, next time wear with slight adornments like a thread work or mirror work. You will notice that your saree in instantly boosted with the festive look.

A blouse sleeve, by all means, plays a very crucial role in defining your saree style.  So you need to invest your time to find out how to make this work in favor of you.

We hear your question, what kind of sleeve should I opt?

15+ Traditional Blouse Designs Patterns

15+ Traditional Blouse Designs Patterns

Your closet might be a safe haven to hold countless designer clothing and carefully collected fashion wear, but if it doesn’t host a few traditional blouse designs to grace your silk sarees, chances are you are missing out a huge thing in life.

Silk aka pattu sarees still remains the primary choice to embrace during intimate family occasions and yearly festive days. Not to mention the elaborate bridal events and the necessity to look impeccable in your expensive kanchivaram silks or equally alluring gem of silks like ikat, banarasi..etc.

All these boil down to the fact that you are never going to stay away much from a silk saree. So it becomes more of a mandate to find out all the possible traditional blouse options that are trending this season.

When you wear an expensive drape, you might as well get the best out of it. If you wondering what you should exactly do to your blouse, to make it stand out and striking, you can take this article as a first step.

Here below we forayed plenty of online resources, pinterest pins and Instagram feeds to analyze all the pretty blouse designs that make the best bet to wear with your traditional silk sarees.

Scroll down and see what they are, and take due notes to get your next blouse stitched in a notable way.

Bold Stone Work

Stones are not a new stuff. They have always been a great thing to adorn your saree jackets. To implement this classic material on traditional blouses, you need a bit of creativity.

Without taking the conventional route of studying tiny stones all over the blouse, go for big bold ones and get the embellishment done around your neck and sleeve edges.

You really don’t need any jewelry once you have your blouse stitched on this way. It will give a designer finish to your traditional blouse. If needed, play with colors to bring out the true charm. For instance, big bold gold stones will elevate a black color blouse. White bold stones will be a good one to try with deep red and maroon.

Short Puff Sleeve

This is well-known blouse model that is known to gel with a silk saree style. This is one of those blouses which don’t need anything else except for those short pleated sleeves to bring the magic to the saree.

However, if you want to try something new, try going for little detailing around the blouse sleeves, or you could simply opt contrasting choice of colors to highlight this cute blouse with respect to saree.

Long Zari Blouse

If your saree comes with a long zari border, chances are you will have a default blouse that comes along with saree with heavy zari work. Don’t let it rust.

You can get innovative with this, and make your blouse a truly captivating one.  Take advantage of long zari and flaunt it as your blouse sleeve. If needed, go for catchy embellishment (like stonework or Kundan work) to balance the blouse with saree.

Square Patterns on Blouse

If you have been keeping an eye on bridal trend, you would have noticed that blouse sleeves with attractive patterns, is being coveted by every woman.

A simple square pattern indeed tops this list. You can get creative and try pleasing designs inside each square box. You can even highlight the designs with thread work in contrasting colors or even with simple beads work.

Simple Traditional Blouse Design

Often simple designs are enough to boost your saree look especially if your saree is lightweight and void of any designs. If such is the scenario, then you can stitch a simple blouse like below with a simple border work around the sleeve ends.

If you plan to wear this saree for weddings, try with an armband or vanki.  It will look regal.

Mirror Work

Yes, the glittery mirror work is not just for your designer drapes. You can even make your traditional blouse look a bit unconventional by opting for mirror work on it.

When you choose mirror work, make sure your blouse is of deep colors so the mirrors are visible. If you don’t like the shimmery undertones of the mirror, instead of dense work, use it sparsely so it can look less crowding.

Squares & Florals

Another interesting pattern which has been trending this season is a heavily embellished silk blouse with square pattern and floral work inside. These blouses are generally made to look royal with a heavy stonework.

If you are actually a bride or bridesmaid, then you need a heavy work blouse like this to flaunt on a major day of your life.

Patch Work

When two or more relatively different fabric or material is stitched together, it is called as patchwork. This stitching is highly popular in traditional blouses because of the rich look it adds to sarees.

While there are many interesting patchworks available to try on blouses, one that seems to have caught the fancy of many is the bold squares and stonework around it.

Peacock Blouses

When it comes to embossing images on the blouse, only a few are being favored. Next to florals, peacock designs are highly popular on pattu saree blouses.

Get a heavy thread work done on your blouse with mesmerizing peacock motifs. Highlight them in the colors that gel with the saree. Surely you will end up in a lovely blouse style.

Wavy Patterns

While the square pattern is given a fashionable twist and turns to make it look bold and beautiful on pattu saree blouse, another interesting pattern to try this season is relaxed waves like the one below.

These blouses make an out of box combination for expensive Banarasi and Kanchivaram sarees.

Gold Blouse

Simple gold blouses often make a perfect choice for any silk sarees irrespective of colors. Owing to its flexibility, it is always a great idea to own one exceptionally well-stitched gold blouse. Any time you run out of blouse style, just go and grab it to lighten up the day.

You can either opt for a plain gold blouse or if needed get nice thread work done on it to give a grand look.

Brocade Blouse

How can we forget the brocade blouse which is always the best pair to try if none of the other blouses is too heavy to try?

Brocade blouse with creative motifs still remains as one of the best blouse option to try with pattu sarees.

Innovative Thread Work

Bored of stones and beads, bored of classic patterns, then it is high time to make your mind run wild and be creative.

Innovative thread detailing in aesthetic colors is surely a must try for those who love to go any length to keep their blouse flawless.

Theme Based Work

These days, especially for wedding blouses, brides are interested to come up with innovative themes to grace their blouses.

Themes vary from embossing bride and bridegroom face, traditional accessories and other interesting elements that are catchy and attractive.

Animal & Bird Motifs

This season is all about animal prints and motifs. Your traditional saree blouses are also not scared off.

Make horses, elephants, parrots embellish your saree jackets and be sure to get a heap of compliments.

Bold Work on Blouse Back Side

Blouse back side offers lots of scopes to make your entire saree style unique and effective. One particular trend that has caught our attention is the bold intricate detailing of god and goddess image with colorful thread work.

This makes the best traditional statement blouse of this season.

Modern Touch

Even though the topic is all about getting the perfect traditional blouse, you don’t have to drop your fancy notions completely. Give a modern touch to your blouse by trying out beads, tassels and other trendy back necks on your blouse. Of course, they give such a good fusion look to your sarees.

We have come to the conclusion. Your traditional blouse designs can be as attractive and enchanting like your designer collections. All you need to do is take one of the options above and give your own personal style to come up with a blouse design that suits you.

Latest Designer Saree Blouse Designs Patterns

Designer Saree Blouse Designs Patterns. A blouse is a garment that is worn by a saree or lengha. It is a piece of clothes for women who are used to cover the chest area and are usually cut off on the waist. It can be said that a saree is incomplete without a blouse. You can buy a material for your blouse and stitch it with hand or you can buy the blouse prepared on any clothing store which can be changed for perfect fit. It is a sign that you would like to apply on all kinds of clothes. Instead of putting energy, time and money to find something that can’t be suitable for you, why don’t you invest in such trends that stay with you and your saree will stay long, even if trends and fashion-Classics are changing Be. They are called classics for a reason.

There are many blouse designs that do not live for more than a week in the cover of a magazine. Sometimes, they change so many times that you have to cross the whole process of choosing a blouse repeatedly to maintain the trend. Instead, there is a pair of blouse who are classics and who go with most of the saree to save time and money and still modern.

Different types of saree blouse Back Neck Designs

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Call all sari lovers! I have a question … When it comes to looking great in sari, what do you think is the most important? Agree, there are some aspects of these kinds. Well, if you ask me – the blouse is really the winner! A badly, badly cut blouse looks rigid, and a sire (and wearer) with a faded, sick match will take full grace. Ever heard the story – a bride would take beautiful, but a strange bodice looted the costume of her beauty! In fact, this is not only sari – formal weddings will wear saris or office-wear sarees – but they also take great advantage with beautiful, well-sewing blouses or cholis.

But, as some ‘follow the rules for the blouse’, there are also smart ways to make the style there. like? For starters, invest in good clothes and status. Then, decide on designs – Evergreen, timeless ones or chic, modish ones; Heavy embroidery or minimum. Always choose a back design intelligently because it is actually a ‘visible’ part. Choose something because it’s modern – choose it because it will look great on ‘you’ and this occasion. To help you – here we bring you a list of 20 awesome sari blouse back designs.

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Hope you enjoyed this lavish couture tour. You must have surely decided on your Saree Blouse Back Neck Designs. There is a wide array of options so it’s sure that there is a perfect match for each one of you.

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Hope you enjoyed this lavish couture tour of Easy Blouse Back Side Neck Design Cutting And Stitching. There is a wide array of options so it’s sure that there is a perfect match for each one of you.

We hope that you liked this article on Easy Blouse Back Side Neck Design Cutting And Stitching. If you like what you see, then for more latest updates stay tuned to Kurti Blouse.

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