How To Apply Perfect Winged Eyeliner

How To Apply Perfect Winged Eyeliner

On the off chance that your ordinary look is excessively unsurprising for your preferring – we’re taking a gander at you, great feline eye – at that point a little experimentation is an unquestionable requirement. Furnished with your trusty regular devices, get the opportunity to work making this striking half winged eyeliner look. It’s anything but difficult to accomplish and simple on the eyes!

What will I have to make the half winged eyeliner look?

Dark felt eyeliner, in a perfect world double finished or with an oar tip (this takes into consideration thick and thin lines)

Stage 1 – Draw a large portion of a line on your upper lash line, Utilizing the edge on a double end felt eyeliner, draw a line on your upper lash line. Begin from the center and take it the distance to the end, so you’re just illustration a large portion of a line.

Wing Eyeliner लगाते समय यह गलतियां न करें – How To Apply Perfect Winged Eyeliner | Anaysa – Video Tutorial

Stage 2 – Draw a winged flick toward the finish of the line, Change to the exactness side of the felt eyeliner to make a winged flick. To do this, hold the skin tight and draw a line calculated towards the temples to make the base of the wing.

Stage 3 – Fill in the wing, Fill in the blueprint of the wing you have made by joining the base of the wing with the line along the lash line.

Top tip: Create the winged impact by applying the eyeliner in little strokes to dodge botches.

Stage 4 – Draw a line at the base, To include definition, draw a short line at the base of the wing into the lower lash line.

Stage 5 – Repeat on other eye, Go through stages 1-4 on the other eye until the point when both seem symmetrical.

Stage 6 – Apply mascara, and add layers of mascara to your lashes for a shudder commendable wrap up.

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