How To Wear Traditional Cotton Saree In a Very Modern Way

How To Wear Traditional Cotton Saree

If there is a word that speaks sensuality and traditional in the same breath, then it should be nine yards, which is known as a saree. Of the 10 Indian women, 9 will agree that a sari is the most erotic and feminine. It is so easy to take and experiment with women of all ages, shapes, geography, saree is a fan of look. Saree is no longer a traditional drawer but it is an organization that can have styles in many ways to give it a very complex and contemporary experience. It is favorite with Bollywood A Lists as well as a runway that almost all the designers like to play with every season.

So if you are living away from those treasures lying in your mother’s closet for years, now it’s time to take them out and they have a tendency to make the most style statement, and without spending the bomb! Their older Banarasis, Brocades, Chiffon and Georgettes are with you to play, and re-saris with some smart dropping and contemporary blouse styles in their most modern incarnation. From runway to reality, here are amazing sarees dripping ideas that prepare you to throw one of these immediately with throwing!

How To Wear Traditional Cotton Saree In a Very Modern Way | Learn Saree Drape For Girls (Tutorial) – Video Tutorial

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