Making Flowers With Simple Trick

Making Flowers With Simple Trick

I got some requests for writing a tutorial for this stitch and I jumped on it! This flower is very easy for embroidery sewing master, and whatever you like after making it, you can make flowers and roses. Continue reading to learn all the tips and tricks for stitching this flower embroidery! If you are a brand new for embroidery, look for embroidery 101 for all basic things and loads of examples! And if you want to learn how to add beautiful boundaries to your embroidery, check out my tutorial on it!

Hand Embroidery: Making Flowers With Simple Trick – Video Tutorial

Hold some embroidered floss, some open clothes and a water soluble pen. If you have got a needle then you have used so much that it is a bit curved, this is your best bet!

Hand embroidery of flowers with polan stitch

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