new ways to make your dramatic bridal entry

15+ New Ways To Make Your Dramatic Bridal Entry In 2022!

If you love drama (and don’t mind having the limelight on yourself!), then making a dramatic, drastic bridal entry is the way to go! Yup, brides have really upped their game, and here are some fresh new ideas to make your bridal entry that won’t just turn heads, but get etched in every guest’s mind too! So go ahead and pick one that rocks your boat!

Driving in solo!

Walking in solo!

Entering with your own Bridal Baraat!

Entering with your beloved pooch!

In a gigantic flowering lotus!

Dancing and entering while everyone holds up smoke sticks!

In a regal Palki!

Or a pretty floral one!

Or jazzing it up a little!

Entering on a pretty boat!

Or a bigger boat!

On a bike with your dad!

Or your dad driving you in a vintage car!

Or driven in on a rickshaw by your brothers!

While your sisters hold LED thalis wearing safas!

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