Permanent Hair Straightening at Home | Only Natural Ingredients

Almost all women look like shiny and silky hair directly. Using a ladder on a daily basis can be very problematic. It takes time and can damage the heat shaft. You can go for a permanent hair straightforward which is expensive, but it can last for a few months. You can spend up to 4000 / – INR to 6000 / – INR. The general salon at cheap rates can do it for you. If you choose professional parlors like Laureal Professional or The Hobbes, then it might burn your pockets. The market was quick to start direct cream to some permanent hair, as well as keeping your hair straight after being straightforward.

Permanent Hair Straightening at Home | Only Natural Ingredients | TipsToTop By Shalini – Video Tutorial

In this video I am sharing Permanent Hair Straightening at Home using Natural Ingredients. Permanent hair straighteners are normal. First, the keratin structure breaks down using sodium-based chemical. This shaft makes manageable for the second process. The second process is the use of an oxidant that disables the keratin and makes the hair straight.

Note: You have to use this mask at least 3-4 times a month to achieve straight hair.

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