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  • Simple Henna Mehndi Trick

    Simple Henna Mehndi Trick

    Mehndi, also called Henna, has a long tradition in many Asian and Persian countries. Women use Henna to create complex designs to mark special occasions or to decorate their hands and feet to look just as modern. Almost 6 years ago as a bride, I was worried “will I get a dark chicken stain”? Many…

  • Most Easy Trick Mehndi Design for Hand

    Most Easy Trick Mehndi Design for Hand

    Mehendi is basically a dye used to decorate the hands. Applying to the skin gives you cooling effect. Since it is completely dry, the skin is washed with water to reveal the color. We will discuss how to apply Mehendi properly on your hands. Simple mehndi designs are worn by young girls and women, most…