Simple Henna Mehndi Trick

Simple Henna Mehndi Trick

Mehndi, also called Henna, has a long tradition in many Asian and Persian countries. Women use Henna to create complex designs to mark special occasions or to decorate their hands and feet to look just as modern. Almost 6 years ago as a bride, I was worried “will I get a dark chicken stain”? Many girls are related to this. It involves the story of old wives – “The darker the darker you will be, the more your husband will love you”. In fact the dream of every girl. Although it can be a folklore which has no significance in reality, we all definitely want a henna on our palms and feet so that they can perform well on our special day. And why not? This is a one-time lifetime opportunity for most women and they have every right to look great and steal the show.

Simple Mehndi Trick – Wonderful Women – Video Tutorial

So what do you have to do to get that fabulous dark scarf? Here are some tips which we have collected from many beautiful fashion artists who will suggest that these suggestions work.



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