9 TEENAGERS Life Saving HACKS – Makeup, Hair & Beauty

Cosmopolitan.com went behind the scenes at Fashion Week and put together the most surprising tips from experts who create models for the runway. Here are the 9 tips and tricks you need to know.

9 TEENAGERS Life Saving HACKS – Makeup, Hair & Beauty | #Fun #Anaysa

We all get into trouble, especially when we’re teenagers. That’s why we’re back with a bunch of cool life-saving hacks on makeup, hair and beauty that you need to try as a girl.

Easy Hacks to Remove Blackheads and Whiteheads

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3 LIFE Saving HACKS for Underarms SKINCARE

Looking good is a damn job. And although everyone wants this to be a matter of course for them, it is not always the case. Your skin becomes cracked, breaks out, your hair looks flaccid and your body odour becomes too strong to wear. Deny it as often as you like, it happens to all of you. Rejoice, for it need no longer be so.

3 LIFE Saving HACKS for Underarms SKINCARE | #EndWinterOdour #Sketch #Comedy #Anaysa – Video Tutorial

No girl wants to deal with sweaty armpits. Not only is it embarrassing, it can also ruin a perfect outfit. Unfortunately, due to our Indian climate, it is an issue that we all face occasionally. Whatever the problem may be, you have to do something about it quickly! Here are 8 hacks to deal with sweaty armpits.

Easy Hacks to Remove Blackheads and Whiteheads

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7 Life Saving Hair Hacks You Must Try

Dry hair is always stronger than wet hair. To Preserve your hair, make sure to brush it and d-angle before the shower. If you often wake up to the tonals and friz due to your toss and tanning, try Satin Pillow Cases. Satin Pillow cases reduce friction, which means less breaks, less tonals, and overall better hair. Conditioning is also important when it comes to separate and preserve your hair. Apply it to two thirds under your hair and make sure it has to be coola from the outside.

Hair problems will have hair problems, won’t you? Stress Matt lo guys, all you should know is the right product and the right knowledge and all the problems of your hair will go away forever! So, here’s another tremendous life hair hacks video that will save you from a lot of problems.


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20+ Hairstyling Hacks for Lazy Girl

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Beautiful Finger Trick Embroidery Design

Below I embedded my embroidery tips and tricks pamphlet which includes with all my embroidery patterns. I want to use this place to dig deeply at each of these subjects, at a time. It will clearly take me a while, so please keep watching (you can sign up for the newsletter below! Check back to learn more dynamically about my favorite hoops, clothing, floss, and stitches.

Beautiful Finger Trick Embroidery Design All Over Hand Embroidery #100 – Video Tutorial

Welcome to hand embroidery! Embroidery can be a comfortable creative outlet to keep your hands busy at home or on walking. Below are some tips based on my personal experience (I am not formally trained embroidery artist), but I encourage you to do more research online or in my local library to pursue more research. Find a style and solution that works for you. Most of this information can also be found in my early embroidery video tutorial.

Hand Embroidery Amazing Trick Sewing Hack with Pen

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Hand Embroidery Amazing Flower Trick

Get the best hand embroidery design and patterns here for your creative inspiration! If you are looking for something to be busy in lazy summer or autumn afternoon, these clean hand embroidery design patterns that you are looking for. Whether you’re starting or working on some patterns, you’ll get some hand embroidery designs that you’ll like here. Help yourself these cute and cool hand embroidery patterns!

Hand Embroidery Amazing Trick# Easy Flower Embroidery Trick# Sewing Hack – Video Tutorial

I’m sure, this design will make a embroidery amateur outside you. Find or improve your embroidery skills with these innocent but classic designs! Ignore Hand Embroidery Design to work for weekend? I would love to know about your choice. Share your thoughts about it in the comments section below!

Hand Embroidery: Easy Trick for Making Flowers

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Hand Embroidery: Hack to Make Tassels

Tassels can be used to decorate anything, and it is very easy. I’m going to show both a hand method and the second time I will do a tool method with how to make ” tools Both work for tassels, and later device method can also be fringe. A tassel in clothing and clothing decoration is a sophisticated feature. It is a Universal Ornament that is seen in many cultures around the world.

An Original Key Towel Binding or otherwise on one side is made by collecting threads from cord wrath, where the towel is hung. It may be loose, hanging threads at the other end. Towels are typically decorative elements, and as soon as they are often with bottom hem, clothing, curtains, pasties are attached to cover the nipples of the artists, or other pendants.

Hand Embroidery: Hack to Make Tassels – Video Tutorial

A Towel is primarily an ornament, and there was an accidental ending of a cord to prevent it from solving with the knot. After time passed, various people developed variations on it, until the first guild of Passementiers was created and documented the art of passementerie.. The Tassels was its primary expression.

Super Easy Women Booties Knitting Basics

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Winter (Thand) is the best thing to do, but we can not make it to the right place to avoid it. So, here is another awesome Life Hack video that will save you from a lot of problems this winters so do check it out.

9 LIFE Saving WINTER HACKS You MUST TRY | #BeautyHacks #Fun #Anaysa – Video Tutorial

End of November? Already? We all know what it means: Winter is coming. In Toronto, we are very good in winter, but still suck very badly in some parts of icy weather. Face with winter like supporter with these Toronto Winter Hacks. Make Wool Insoles for your shoes. Raise a part of wool to correct the size and size or feel from the clothes shop and cut around the insoles of your shoes. No more cold legs than running from subway to office!

Winter HACKS for CRACKED Heels You MUST Try

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16 Simple and useful HACKS you will LOVE

Beautiful and simple ways to tie a scarf. Here are amazing tips to look like a million dollars even on a low budget! Most of us adore scarves but they are so much more than a winter accessory. Scarves are one of the most favorite autumn accessories for almost every girl because you can have only one sarong but create totally different looks for every occasion. The scarf is the most versatile item in your closet as this one piece of fabric can literally be worn a million and one ways. You have a lot of scarves but they look boring? Or you are tired of wearing your scarf the same old way? Most of us only know a few ways to wear a scarf, but there are actually many that will give you added style with this simple garment. Check out our collection of tutorial on how to tie scarves easily and look fabulous. There is a number of terribly stylish and unique ways to tie a scarf! You can even turn a scarf into a complete outfit!
Lots of bobby pins? The magnetic tape could help you to organize your pins.
Use beads and safety pins to create a colorful bracelet. This project is so easy and fast that you won’t believe!

DIY Simple and useful hacks you will love

Nowadays we have a lot of keys: car keys, keys from our homes, office keys. And we need to organize them not to lose because losing them would be a disaster. Color your keys using nail polish to make them easier to find on your key ring. Moreover, you can use nail polish to fix glasses next time.
If your hair tie is stretched just put it in hot water.
Moreover, there are plenty of brilliant hacks and ideas how to use bobby pins and zip ties in unexpected ways.

Check out these genius ideas on how to tie a scarf in a very stylish and fashionable way! And show your friends how to do it! 😉

Innovative Ways To Reuse Waste Items

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Winter HACKS for CRACKED Heels You MUST Try

Now that we are in the thick of the flip-flop and sandal season, it is important to make sure that you are taking good care of your feet. In particular, if they are cracking and drying, then to treat under their high heels. A high stroke of crack may occur when the lower parts of your feet are not moisturized regularly, especially if you are taking a very long bath or shower. They may also be due to dehydration, cold dry weather, and the reasons for using harsh, drying soap on their feet, or they may be indicative of a serious health condition like diabetes. With your cracked, dry high heel treatment, there can be painful fissures, which can spoil your ability to walk and even cause serious infections. Thankfully, under your high heels, there are many cheap and easy DIY home remedies for treatments.

Winter HACKS for CRACKED Heels You MUST Try – फटी एड़ियों से छुटकारा पाएं | Anaysa – Video Tutorial

Cracked Heels are a common problem in winter. So in today’s video I’ve shared a natural home remedy and also shared some easy hacks that will help you to get rid of those cracked heels and thats too only in a week.

12 Unusual Ways to Use Lip Balm

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9 Life Saving Wedding Hacks You Must Try

So you are getting married congratulation! Are you planning your wedding and looking for some time and money saving tips? You’ve come to the right place. Consider the timing of this fact so that you can avoid some common losses. Planning your special day can be so much fun and if you can, then you will repeat. Since you do not want to say, “If I wanted to do it again, then I …,” consider the following:

9 LIFE Saving WEDDING HACKS You MUST Try | #BeautyHacks #Fun #Anaysa – Video Tutorial

Wedding Season is here. So in today’s video we’ve shared some unique Wedding special Hacks that will help you a lot to troubleshoot your minute problems and also will make your Wedding Celebration even more enjoyable.

Bridal blouse design collections for wedding

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