Latest Black Beads Work Mangalsutra Designs

mangalsutra designs

South India is deeply rooted in cultural beliefs and traditions. One of the most important elements in the life of the ladies here is their Mangalsutra. Today, the culture of wearing a thick gold chain has been transformed by the simple gold pendant into a slender and simple chain. Mangalsutra for women is not just a fashion statement, but a frightened thread that is a symbol of love, harmony and respect. It is an inevitable part of South Indian culture and a reference to marriage. While the Mangalsutra is common to all religions (Hindu, Christian and Muslim), its name is different, preserving the meaning of the thread. The South Indian Mangalsutra designs vary according to people’s beliefs. The Mangalsutra is bound to the bride by the groom, in the midst of a multitude of relatives and images of gods, in the background of hymns and pujas.

Each pearl of this South Indian Mangalsutra gold chain is considered cheap and has divine powers. These pearls mean protection from evil and to protect the unisono from adversity. The idea of Mangalsutra is deeply rooted in faith and is never compromised at any price. Over time, the design of these South Mangalsutra designs has been rapidly adapted to daily clothing and influenced by the latest fashion in the city. Look at this.

Latest Gold Mangalsutra Designs – Short And Long

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Black Beads Gold Mangalsutra Designs

black beads gold mangalsutra designs

Mangalsutra is a gold chain that differs in design and pattern depending on the culture. Mostly worn by women, it is an important part of Hindu marriage. Many kinds of emotions are related to Mangalsutra. This jewelry is more important than another fashion accessory. It stands as a symbol of the cultural value and well-being of the man. In the past there were only typical designs in Mangalsutra. But nowadays there are so many patterns that the values and purity are preserved.

This time don’t forget to match your Mangalsutra with your favourite earring. There are a number of variations in Mangalsutra designs that come with diamonds, flower patterns, pearls, etc. Choose the best you like!

Light Weight Ear Gold Stud Designs

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Designer Heavy Gold Mangalsutra Designs

gold mangalsutra designs designer heavy mangalsutra

Mangalsutra is a precious and Auspicious Ornament in hindu marriages. In Ancient times, many ornaments were made with precious cotton thread, which is a dipped thread dipped in turmeric (Turmeric), and its colour is yellow. Thread Devi Shiva’s wife is the symbol of goddess shakti. After this the holy thread is crushed with black pearls, which is believed to be the holy seed which reflects the lord shiva. With designing of jewelry, mangalsutra was also given a new form with gold and silver alloys.

The new look of the mangalsutra added the beautiful look of various characters and designer pendant. The traditional mangalsutra still go along with the pendant related to their cultural beliefs.

In the neck jewelry, the pendant is the same. Jewellery without pendant seems incomplete. There are a lot of designer pendant in the mangalsutra who engage it. The combination of black pearls with a beautiful pendant increases the brightness of jewelry. In the modern fashion world from the ancient traditional era, mangalsutra gives a large range of pendant designs.

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