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20 Best Images of Bridesmaid and Groomsmen

Bridesmaid: In the groom marriage, the bride’s party is a member of the bride’s party. A Bridal is usually a young woman, and is often a close friend or sister. She goes to the bride on the day of a wedding ceremony. Traditionally, brides were chosen from unwanted young women of the same age.

The required duties of brides are very limited. They are required to join the wedding ceremony and assist the bride on the wedding day. In Europe and North America, brides are often asked to assist the bride with wedding and wedding reception plans.

Groomsmen: A groom is one of the male attendant for the groom at the wedding ceremony. Usually, the groom select his close friends and relatives to serve as the groom, and it is chosen as an honor. From his groom, the groom usually selects one to serve as the best man.

The most visible duty of the groom helps the guests stand before the ceremony and during the wedding ceremony.

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