20 Trendy Saree Blouse Tassels Designs

The saree is certainly the most gorgeous and beautiful dress and its demand never ends. Women love to look attractive wearing this traditional dress in any gorgeous event despite their age. When they make an amazing saree with a designer blouse they look at their fashionable best. No need to say, it increases an unparalleled royalty and makes them look unique among the vast elegance.
Now you should be surprised how to steal the limelight, where everyone is so drowned. This is the trick how you cover the saree and get it with blouse and accessories. You can easily buy an expensive saree with heavy decoration from any designer store but it’s not enough to make you look like diva. Your Desi look will be incomplete without a unique blouse design. It doesn’t matter how you prepare your saree, you will see a specific look while sewing your blouse especially by tailor. Therefore, to look attractive in the most demanding traditional wear, see trending blouse patterns and how you can play with varieties according to your mood. Tassel is new cold in the fashion world and you definitely need to stock some amazing blouse in your closet.

1. Silk Blue ball Tassels

tassels designs

2. Pink Design Blouse tassels

3. Cute Blouse Tassel

tassels designs

4. Peacock feather design tassel

tassels designs

5. Red Kundan stone tassel

tassels designs

6. Jhumki style tassels

tassels designs

7. Square Peacock tassels

tassels designs

8. Parrot Designer tassels

tassels designs

9. Cute Pink Tassels for a blouse

tassels designs

10. Peach tassel with pink balls

tassels designs

11. Green diamond shape tassels

tassels designs

12. Green parrot tassel

tassels designs

13. Beautiful peacock feather tassel

tassels designs

14. Alphabet blouse tassels

tassels designs

15. Blue balls tassels

tassels designs

16. Stone flower tassels

tassels designs

17.Golden jhumka tassels

tassels designs

18. Yellow Cone Tassels

tassels designs

19. Sound Beads Tassels

tassels designs

20. Green red single line tassels

tassels designs

15 Awesome Saree Blouse Designs for Weddings

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How To Wear Perfect Saree To Look Slim

Saree is nine yard wonder outfit which looks innocent despite her age and body type on any woman. However, if you completely follow some basic things of wearing saree it could see you really very thin! Of course, saree is a beautiful clothes for every woman despite her age and size (but consider what you are the best). However, not all sarees look good at all (imagine small height woman with bold and large print wear).

Did you ever imagine that you could wear a piece of clothes in different ways?? If not, you have judged by reducing the saree. With all those types of saree and different types of curtains, anyone can try different options. Yes, you can wear it in many ways. The styles of drawing a saree are endless.

How to hide the big stomach wearing sari. How To Wear Saree To Look Slim & Perfect In Sari Drape (TRICKS)

Saree is an Indian clothing looks beautiful, stylish, elegant and sensual to a woman. Just be a little select while buying a saree. You should always buy a saree in keeping your weight, height and skin color. Clothes and design should be like that it always admire you and your body. This should be reflected in your attitude and confidence.

How to Wear FISH CUT Saree Using This Trick

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Innovative Ideas to make long gown dresses from old saree

What can you do with old saree? Very! First of all, it’s environment friendly and the other pocket-friendly too. And, you can change these old sarees not only to wear ethnic, but also designed to wear some beautiful and chic looking fusion. Yes, Fusion, contemporary or Bohemian-what you call it is still ‘in’. Also, when you can do this with old sarees at home and why can’t you save at the price of clothes? As far as I am concerned, I use my grandmother’s saree barely nothing in a new saree and was sold on the idea of keeping those memories intact. With the type of quality, they came back in the past few decades. Therefore, if there are special sarees from the troveof your grandmother or mother’s treasure, do not just keep them away; I am sure you won’t do it after reading this article. So, sad there.

Even on a unique note, did you realize that there was their amazing taste in saree and a bad collection? If we were only as beautiful as half of them! A little bit of cringes before moving forward! Let’s do these diy projects, an organization at a time.

Convert Old Silk Saree Into Beautiful Gown

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How To Wear Heavy Saree Perfectly In Proper Pleats

They say that saree is one of the most beautiful dress that can wear a woman, but pressing it should be the worst exam ever. As it is not difficult to manage at the distance of six yards in the clothes, you should be so careful and if you don’t want to loose it suddenly, you will have a lot of caution! If you ask me, I thought it’s a lot like rocket science until I don’t know what I was doing wrong. If you want to look stunning in a saree that you have pressed yourself, you should avoid these saree drinking sins!

How To Wear Heavy Saree Perfectly | Party Sari Draping Idea To Look Slim & Tall In Proper Pleats – Video Tutorial

To keep the saree intact, it is a good idea to use the pin. However, a lot of pin is a problem. Not only to wear the saree uncomfortable, but you may have to tear your valuable saree in the deal!

5 New Dupatta Draping Styles for Wedding Season

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4 New Saree Draping Styles to Look Slim & Tall

If you got bored with the same repeated styles of saree draping or if you’re a beginner. so in today’s video I’ll be showing how you can wear a saree in four different ways. So try out these unique draping styles for a party or wedding ceremonies & be a style icon for others. Therefore, there is a wide spectrum of styles that are women from all levels of society. Here are the top 4 Indian saree popping styles who have inspired the likes celebrities. Take a look at the curtains sent to the world of international fashion in mania.

4 NEW Saree Draping Styles – How To Wear Sari Perfectly to Look SLIM & TALL | Anaysa – Video Tutorial

Change is only stable, and in case of fashion trends it can’t be truer. However, for centuries, there is a trend on its land that is the classic sari. A garment that is the perfect reflection of the elegance and timeless of the woman, India is a treasure of various saree varieties. And it is not everything, there is also a unique saree dropping style in each area. In each state, many methods are claimed to take care of the coordination of women’s needs.

10 Amazing Ways To Style old boring Saree

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Mother and Daughter Matching Dress Designs

Are you a copycat? Welcome to the copy gang. As a result of this repetition, a unique nature – cute and cute. And what is it? Mother and Daughter matching dress square are the latest fashion trend. Isn’t it yip? It’s to be forced to be. A relationship will understand love although equality in mother-daughter’s Matching Dresses tells the trend of new generation which is filled with partition and age distinction between mama and girl. This article is expected to bridge the difference between the mother and the girl and make them very careful with the idea of the dress similar to the mother and the girl.

Indian Mother and Daughter Matching Dresses

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20 Lovely Pre-Wedding Shoot Poses for Every Couple

The right pre-wedding shoot shoots are those who are capable of bringing out the best of your personal personalities, yet you catch the love and story shared with each other. The main idea behind a pre-wedding photo shoot is to be able to catch some pure and happy moments shared by a couple. This photo shoot also allows joints to go crazy, and lose yourself at this moment. Now, it is really important that you do not be happy with the perfect organization and places for your pre-wedding shoot, but also see different types of pauses that enhance and enhance your brilliant story.

Pre-wedding shoot poses must be able to capture the unique love story of a couple. Explore different dimensions of your personalities to bring out the cutest, craziest and classiest pictures. Here are some inspirations for every couple.

1. Let’s run away…together

2. Of swings and smiles

3. Sky Gazing

4. Cute and Colorful

5. Into the Wild

6. Luxe Love

7. Get Creative

8. Snuggle and Cuddle

9. Road Tripping for life

10. Jumping in Love

11. Crazy Couple Shots

12. Side by Side

13. Pets and Pooches

14. Under my Umbrella

15. Shared Interests

16. Underwater Adventures

17. Biker Buddies

18. Sunsets and Silhouettes

19. Carry You Home

20. On Top of the World

Pre-wedding shoots can be romantic from crazy, magically to Quirky, depending on the story of your couple. Have you added those who like to steal the moments of love or who enjoy hearty laugh and crazy things? If you consider the story of your natural couple as the main subject of your pre-marriage shoot, it will not be less than complete.

What will be your pre-wedding shooting and how will you show your love story? Share with us.

70+ Fabulous Pre-Wedding Shoot Ideas for Every Kind Of Couple!

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20 Best Mom and Daughter Matching Dresses Designs

Are you a copycat? Welcome to the copy gang. As a result of this repetition, a unique nature – cute and cute. And what is it? Mom and Daughter matching Dresses square are the latest fashion trend. Isn’t it yip? It’s to be forced to be. A relationship will understand love although equality in mother-daughter’s clothes tells the trend of new generation which is filled with partition and age distinction between mama and girl. This article is expected to bridge the difference between the mother and the girl and make them very careful with the idea of the dress similar to the mother and the girl.

Courtesy: Grace Boutique

Indian Mother and Daughter Matching Dresses

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Bridal Saree Blouse Back Neck Designs

Fashion is constantly evolving and loads of trendy blouse designs for the selection of brides. Most brides wear lehengas for their wedding, but there are some brides who choose sarees (mostly South Indian bride) and for them I have put this post together with the latest blouse back design. While the bride gives much to her bridal sari, her bridal blouse is often neglected, which is a very wrong thing to do. Most of your photos will have an upper part in the focus, so you have to try to make your blouse magnificent. Apart from this, a beautiful blouse with the perfect fit and cut can help you make an easy fashion statement on your big day.

Bridal blouse designs require more emphasis on the rear backwards, because the front blouse will not be seen much in the part because you will have a traditional sari drop and wear many ornaments and garlands. So here I suggest suggesting some of the latest blouse back neck designs for Bridal saris, from where you can take some inspiration for the back neck pattern of your sari blouse.

Bridal blouse design collections for wedding

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Maggam Work Blouse Designs Collection

Maggam works is now a trend fashion especially because they look gorgeous in any garment. It would be a sari, a pick, a duplicate or a blouse, a complicated maggam work can actually be considered the most expensive. Maggam works very well on plaids or silk materials. They can look really fabulous when paired with platoon sari or kanchivaram. Paddle blouse with maggam work can be combined with any silk sari to see the best silk. This article provides you with a collection of the latest Maggam Work Designs on the Patty Blouse so that you will never be less than the new Magma’s design ideas.

Maggam designs are quite ethnic to wear. When there is a perfect touch with the works of Jar, Jardoshi, pearl, they leave an impressive design. They not only make your plain and designer reasonable justification but also mix well with it. The smoothness of the design also gives the bride a magical touch to wear. Its increasing popularity has led to the selection of various Magazine Work Blouse Design Catalogs.

Simple and Beautiful Blouse Neck Designs Cutting and Stitching

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