Churidar Pajami Cutting and Stitching Tutorial

Churidar Pajami Cutting and Stitching Tutorial

In the fashion world of Churidar pyjamas, clothing is styled and worn mainly in Southeast Asia. This versatile and easy to wear clothing is also becoming more popular in the West and more and more people are buying Churidar pyjamas. But this type of pyjama is a bit expensive and middle class people can’t buy or hard to find perfectly sewn pyjamas like Indian pyjama style.

Churidar pajami katne ka Asan tarika video tutorial – Rup Fashion Plus

I have tried to explain the cutting and stitching method for the Churidar pyjama pattern, and everyone can sew their own Churidar pyjamas at home. Beginners should use rayon, silk or cotton fabrics for pyjamas as these fabrics are easy to hem. If you really want to know how to make step-by-step instructions for Churidar pyjamas, try this tutorial in Urdu and English. I hope this simple step-by-step tutorial will help girls who really like to wear Churidar pyjamas.

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