Diwali Makeup Ideas for newly Married Girls

Diwali Makeup Ideas for Newly Married Girls

Each newly married girl want to be the focal point of attration, all the more so amid Diwali. Or, in other words, will require some basic Diwali cosmetics tips to hide all the harm that pressure, contamination and way of life decisions do to your skin. Here’s a Diwali cosmetics instructional exercise to demonstrate to you proper methodologies to go about it.

Image result for दीवाली मेकअप कैसे करें-Diwali makeup For Newly Married Girls /Colorbar One Brand Makeup youtube

दीवाली मेकअप कैसे करें-Diwali makeup For Newly Married Girls /Colorbar One Brand Makeup

Utilize warm hues to compliment the day look

  • Wash your face altogether.
  • Apply a lip emollient.
  • Saturate and pursue with a groundwork.


  • Utilize an establishment that matches your skin tone.
  • Apply under eye concealer.
  • Spot powder all over for a matte look.


  • Utilize an eye shadow preliminary and apply a cranberry or orange shade on the eyelids and mix well.
  • Mix a gold shadow in the middle.
  • Utilize a dark colored shade in the wrinkle; this gives an appearance of the considerable number of hues being combined.
  • Feature and fill in the eye foreheads, apply eyeliner to characterize your eyes.\
  • Apply mascara and twist the lashes as you do as such.

FACE (once more):

  • Include a shape.
  • Wrap up a dark colored become flushed with an extraordinary spotlight on the cheek bones.


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  • Turn into a part

LIPS: At long last apply a dark colored lip liner, matte darker lipstick and lip gleam for that sparkle.

NAILS: Pick an orange matte shade and finish it off with brilliant fine prints, to look your astonishing best.

Furthermore, you’re finished! Here is must watch video to help you in make up for this diwali. Hope, you will like it.

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