Easy Flower Embroidery Trick With Hair Comb

Easy Flower Embroidery Trick With Hair Comb

The easiest trick to move the embroidery pattern is so easy – you just print, Peel, stick, sewing, and wash! I always comment to ask people what I’m sewing through, and finally here’s a post that’s how to use Fabri-Solvy – which is also called stick n CH. This embroidery transfer method is a game changer for me; shaking my hands and trying to find out exactly is a nightmare. Any embroidery pattern on the blog has used this stuff, it’s the best. I really like that it works easily on dark and light clothes, and doesn’t leave any remains behind.

Hand Embroidery Amazing Trick # Sewing hack with hair comb# Easy Flower Embroidery Trick – Video Tutorial

You can see how I used this material and comb for making flower and a constellation embroidery stitch.

Hand embroidery making flowers with simple trick

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