Easy Jewellery Mehndi Design with Cap bangle

Mehndi designs are of different patterns and styles. Similarly, what is the trend is the bracelet Mehndi design. The Jewellery designs have been designed for finger tips from wrist. It looks like we are wearing a hand tapping. This type of designs are made behind the hand. This design is unique because it covers one finger and wrists such as heavy hand tapping wear. It has a brightly colored nail polish that is suited for our hands and henna designs.

Easy Jewellery Mehndi Design with Cap bangle – Video Tutorial

It looks royal as the queen is wearing a harness. Behind the hand there is a chain pattern which multiple layered that look amazing. Hope you like this jewellery style mehndi design.

Easy Peacock Mehndi Design for Beginners with Colgate packet

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