Stylish mehndi cone for tattoo and mehndi design

Stylish mehndi cone for tattoo and mehndi design

The latest Mehndi design is that which we are concerned about any occasion and most when it is a wedding day. Henna Mehndi is made of beautiful green leaves of a bush, also called Lawnia Inermis. Hannah’s preparation is different from the place, such as rural people living in small towns or cities, with the help of some oils, they are prepared by crushing fresh scented leaves between the stones, which requires a lot of effort and hard work. is. On the other hand, urban people give frustrated leaves the ground in a green paste, which is evenly flavored. Whatever method you choose, the result is only the meaning which affects the fragrance in both of these methods, and the wild red color emerges. Beautiful and stylish designs can be drawn quickly on palms and feet when applied with the help of Mehndi cone.

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Just imagine, there is no chemical but still beautiful colors can be given to your precious hair. Henna is also known for its cooling properties. Any skin can be enjoyed and felt when applied to palms, feet and hair without side effects. To add, it also provides excellent natural glow to hair. Once you try it, you are sure to fall in love with your hair.


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