Latest Gold Mangalsutra Designs Short And Long

Gold Mangalsutra Designs – Short And Long

South India is deeply based on cultural beliefs and traditions. One of the important elements in women’s life here is their Mangalsutra. Nowadays, the culture of wearing thick gold chain has been transformed into a thin and simple design chain with a simple gold pendant. For women Mangalsutra is not just fashion details, but a scary thread which symbolizes love, solidarity and respect for each other. This is an indispensable part of South Indian culture and it is a sign of marriage. While Mangalsutra is common to all religions (Hindu, Christian and Muslim), their names are different, while retaining the importance of thread. South Indian style Mangalsutra designs have been designed differently based on people’s faith. In the backdrop of monks and puja, Mangalsutra is tied with brides between the bride and bridegroom among the crowd of images.

In each of the South Indian Mangalsutra gold chain designs, each sheath is considered auspicious and it is said that divine powers are there. These pearls indicate protection from evil and protect against unity in case of distress. The idea of ​​Mangalsutra is deeply rooted in beliefs and is never compromised at any cost. Many times, the design of this South Mangalsutra design has made rapid changes to wear daily and it is also influenced by the latest fashion in the city. Take a look.

Latest Gold Mangalsutra Designs – Short And Long

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