How to apply mehndi with the help of cello tape

How to apply mehndi with the help of cello tape

If you like different and unique patterns, you can try it. It is a lovely mix of complex little Mahndi patterns and open spaces which makes it suitable for modern brides or for any other occasion. In this design gap or open spaces are deliberately left to look so different. Under it there are designs in thumb and space and the same complex pattern is repeated in the fingers and it also involves a small space under the fingers, small heart shapes cover the difference between these two designated parts. . The design outline has become dark for making bold effects.

How to apply full hand mehndi with the help of cello tape | Mehndi for Beginners | mehndi designs | Awesome you – Video Tutorial

This Mehndi design is an example of a brilliant Arabic Mehndi design that is sure to take your breath. This design is full of complex patterns and small details. Patterns are also quite unique and you will get a signal to pay attention in the party. Suggestions are kept open for that unique touch.


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