How to wear a silk saree with perfect pleats

Use a silk zaree for this method. Place the end of the saree (non-Pallu end) on the right side and lead it around the waist to the back. Insert it completely while doing the same. Bring it back forward and pin it twice to the sides. Leave some fabric between, as shown in the illustration. Bring the saree forward again around the waist. Now fold the front end (Pallu end) and make as many folds as you need.

How to wear a silk saree with perfect pleats By Dolly Jain – Video Tutorial

Now place the pleated Pallu on the left shoulder and secure it with a needle. Now make wrinkles with the fabric between the waist. Adjust the wrinkles at the front and stow them according to the flow required for body size. Adjust the fabric near the waist and stow it in the middle.

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