black beads gold mangalsutra design

Latest Black Beads Gold Mangalsutra Designs

An Indian wedding is a showcase of the rich cultures and traditions of the country. Regardless of religion, a common ritual practiced throughout the country is tying the sacred wedding knot called Mangalsutra. This practice has existed since the 6th century AD, with the groom tying a yellow thread around the bride’s neck. It was regarded as a symbol of the bond for a life as well as a talisma to ward off the evil eye. In this article we learn more about Mangalsutra designs and their meaning.

The Mangalsutra is an important jewel for the married women who wear it regularly. The black pearls in the strings are cheap as they represent the symbol of Lord Shiva and Parvati as a soul. The Mangalsutra also has a flow of positive energy. The energy of the left side chain is called desire, the energy of the right side is knowledge and the central part flows with the action energy. Therefore it is important to wear a Mangalsutra to respect your marriage and strengthen your relationship. If you think that we have discussed everything worth knowing about this sacred chain, please give us your feedback in comments.

Traditional South Indian Gold Mangalsutra and Thali Kodi Designs

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