Quick and Easy Donut Bun Hairstyles

Quick and Easy Donut Bun Hairstyles

If you think that this article is only about confectionery, you should think about it again. We’re talking about the trendy, elegant and extremely graceful hairstyle – the donut roll. This chignon, which is more popular with stewardesses, is a simple and very neat updo. Whether you have a bad hair day or a good one, or if the heat gets on your nerves, or if you’re just extremely lazy about washing your hair, this is a great hairstyle to choose from. Dressing for work seems much easier and fun. Best of all, this hairstyle looks great with any outfit. It will look good on a bride and is also suitable for a bridesmaid. You can wear it to work or for a party. Whether you combine it with a classic dress, a sophisticated dress, an elegant sari or a formal business dress, this hairstyle is unbelievably good and complements any look and style. It’s sure to give your ensemble instant shine, no matter what the occasion.

How to make Hairstyles Donut Bun | Quick and Easy Bun Hairstyles Video Tutorial | Hairstyle videos – She Fashions

The donut roll is so versatile that it can even be combined with a French weave. It can go to the side, it can be high or low, you can create a messy or neat look. So if you make this roll right, you can play around and create lots of hairstyles. Doesn’t that sound extremely exciting? So let’s just learn how to make the donut roll.

French Roll Hairstyle Tutorial

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