stylish designer toe rings designs for women featured

Stylish Designer Toe Rings Designs For Women

Toe Rings for married women are an important ornament. It is a ritual in Indian and mostly hindu culture to gift a popular toe ring as Buchwald for the newly married bride. When the bride is given a gift in silver, it brings good luck, love and blessings for a better life than parents.

The ring of the leg is widely worn in the thumb of the other leg, which reaches the heart through the uterus. Therefore, the ring of the leg strengthens the uterus by passing the blood from the heart. But with time pass, the design of toe ring has also changed from classic to fashionable.

The design of toe ring covering full payal is also known as page-pain in different parts of Gujarat. The design consists of three or four rings attached to payal. If wearing toe ring is also very important for South Indians, it is a symbol of femininity and fertility.

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