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Trendy Saree Blouse Design Patterns

Saree, the only wrapped Indian dress is suitable for both formal and occasional purposes. Sari is mandatory without blouse. Diversity in blues design is mainly due to neckline and sleeve variations. Blouses are made of chiffon, cotton, brocade, silk, net, lace etc. The elegance of any sari is incomplete without the appropriate blouse with suitable fit. Hand-to-embroidery and decoration such as mirror work, kundan work, pearl work dominates on every market. How your sari looks depends on many factors, such as the decor or material you have chosen for your blouse.

The blouse has a big role to enhance the beauty of sarees. Then take a special note on the pattern of the blouse. Nowadays, the big border is being liked in wearing elbow sleeves, full sleeve blouse brides. Sarees are being used in various ways to make a new look. At the wedding ceremony, many young people wear sarees in a modern fashion.

घर बनायें डिजाइनर बेक नेक ब्लाउज (काटना और सिलाई)

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