Very Easy Men Women Booties Knitting

Very Easy Men-Women Booties Knitting

Making easy shoes with two shoes home herbs, which are mandatory for winter months, often made in dowry, do you want to add your easiest model for women’s shoes? We believe that you will love our women very much and our beautiful lady will stand on our feet with beautiful bow design of our wonderful female herbs models of our valuable followers, if you send us your support with likes you are very much Will be happy and shares. Our boot model is an easy boot for two knitted fabric lovers, two colors are preferred, you can choose the suitable color option for your clothes.

For the dowry of our girl, it will be very easy to make a sample for our new If you like to give gifts to your loved ones, hand labor is the most valuable gift. Want to see again with new beautiful herbs and again in many cases, want to see again with good wishes to use in good days.

Learn How to knit – Very easy Men-Women booties knitting / Very easy two skewers Men-women booties | Gülümseten Marifetler – Video Tutorial

We increase the right and left the number of our stitches up to 2 points. And now we complete the increase and continue our flat. Overall, we have set up our 39 stitches 120 lines, I. E until we have 60 teeth. We are making a series of 26 bow by continuously injection in each series. The second row is drowning a single-decked of our needles from the outer side of total 13 lines. In the middle of the bow, we take a little from the rope that we use in boot and we the it in the middle. Just click on our link to find shoes, handicrafts and knitting and more.

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