10 Saree Draping Hacks You Need To Know

Sarees have always been the queen of traditional Indian clothing. The most intimidating part of wearing a Saree, however, is the art of draping; when properly draped, Sarees look stunning. There’s something so feminine, so beautiful about it that you can’t help but feel special the moment you wrap it. I am small and tiny, I can be found in every household and I can solve every clothing problem. Who am I?


10 Saree Draping Hacks You Need To Know Video Tutorial- Glamrs

Here we are again! Safety pin for rescue. When else could safety pins be more useful than when putting down a saris! Sarees can be quite hard to carry and even harder to carry, so we’ve brought you 10 hacks that will make the whole Saree experience much more comfortable! I hope you had fun!

Traditional Saree Draping Styles From Different Parts Of India

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