Creative sleeves mohri design making tutorial

Creative Sleeves Mohri Design Making Tutorial

Today you will learn how to make sleeves Mohri Design in a very short time with simple and simple tips. Anyone can make this design easy if you follow my step carefully. This sleeve design is very beautiful and you can also do this design on your Mohri and Slawar Mohri pants.

To be able to design this kind of sleeves, we take two Bukram pieces and cut the shape of our design onto Bukram pieces. The first shape is as follows… and secondly is drop shape and we cut two patterns of drop shape as follows.

Sleeves mohri design making tutorial

After we have cut the drop shape, we attach it to the matching fabric and make piping on it. Now we attach the first pattern to the fabric of the sleeves and fold it to the sleeves. After folding, thread these patterns on and attach the drop patterns to the sleeves. At the end we do a Dori piping on the sleeves.

Now our Mohri design for sleeves is ready, and you can use these sleeves for courtis, blouses, suits and dresses, etc.

Hope you liked this article on sleeves mohri design making tutorial. There are many options available for you to find perfect sleeves mohri design. If you like what you see, then for more latest updates stay tuned to Kurti Blouse.

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