Full hand mehndi with help of comb cello tape

Full hand mehndi with help of comb & cello tape

Henna is now on hot searches in Islamic countries due to the Eid festival. Henna is called Mehndi in Asia, while in Arab countries it is known as Henna, where it is very favorite of women and young girls. Throughout the world, the art of applying Henna is growing to such a extent that there are special Henna application centers which are run by very talented, hardworking and passionate Henna artists. These artists promote this henna culture throughout the world with their best work.

How to apply Full hand mehndi with help of Comb & cello tape | Mehndi for Beginners

Mehndi (Henna) artists work daily for innovation and innovation of innovation designs. Due to these obsessive henna artists every year good and good henna designs are in the market. Here we bring some very attractive and good henna designs for Eid, just after the Eid festival, wedding ceremony.

15 Beautiful Wedding Special Henna Mehndi Designs

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