How to apply full hand mehndi with the help of cello tape

Mehndi is one of the oldest rituals in our tradition. Every Indian bride will keep Mehndi in her own hands. Traditional Mehndi has been a part of the rich culture since ages and will always be a evergreen taste. The Mehndi Festival has become one of the most anticipated and funeral paintings of the wedding. Which continues for more than one day where people love to put it in front and in front of the whole hand. We can choose any type and apply it to our front, back and legs too. Mehndi designs are unique and showcase your culture and heritage. Each design has its own concept. Here are some bridal Mehndi designs which are for whole hand and feet that will love every bride.

How to apply full hand mehndi with the help of cello tape | Mehndi for Beginners | mehndi designs – Video Tutorial

The main thing to apply Henna to the cone is to catch the cone correctly. Keep it in your right hand (if you are in the right hand), take a photo as a guide. While holding it your hand should be comfortable and try to squeeze it so that you can do it easily. Squeeze a little bit at a time, do not apply too much force, because the henna mixture is in liquid form and in the beginning, it comes out of the cone without cone. Learn as you do!



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