How To Make Kajal or Eyeliner at Home

How To Make Kajal or Eyeliner at Home

Historically, kajal was used not only to beautify and add drama to the eyes, but also to calm down the eyes and strengthen the vision. The cooling qualities of the house’s mascara helped to cool the eyes and remove any impurities out. But as soon as we moved towards a large – scale commercial mascara from organic homemade kajal, we also lost health benefits. We have actually replaced the good qualities of mascara with chemicals and other substances that can damage our eyes. The purpose of this post is to bring back the art of making kajal back with the hope that it inspires more and more people to try to make their kohl at home.

HOW TO MAKE KAJAL or EYELINER at home without Beeswax, Charcoal – Smudge Free, Long Lasting, Black – Video Tutorial

Note: make sure all the things you use are gathered to clean the soot from knives to the container to the container. Also, if possible, try to use a silver container to store your mascara. Use eyeliner brush or q-tip year buddy to apply mascara.

One way to make a good kohl eyed look is that you apply kajal at night and wash your face in the morning. This will leave a subtle kohl-lined eyes that look natural yet dramatic. Since the ingredients are all natural and really good for your eyes, you should not worry about leaving it all night. Cooling properties will help you clean your eyes.

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