Karwa Chauth Easy Jewellery Mehndi Design with tape

Karwa Chauth Easy Jewellery Mehndi Design with tape

Simple and easy Jewellery Mehndi design with tape for Karwa Chauth. Mehndi looks so beautiful does not do? It has a subtle color and a beautiful texture. Most importantly, it is easy to design a very simple Indian Mehndi design. They do not take much time and unlike other types of tattoos and skin colors, these simple mehndi designs are not permanent in nature. This design is like a piece of jewelry used to decorate the hands. All the things and checkered patterns, starting from pearl wires with three flower patterns on the sides, have been done to ensure that nothing looks less than the fragmented brain.

कैप की मदद से आसान और सुंदर मेहंदी लगाना सीखें Karwa Chauth Easy Jewellery Mehndi Design with tape MehndiExperts – Video Tutorial


This simple mehndi design looks like a hand or a kind of Jewellery. The complex part of the design is the bracelet, which is made using the form of leaf and circular pattern. And this bracelet spreads three dotted strands on each side, which join the central floral shape drawn in the center of the palm. This simple mehndi design is usually useful for those who have long fingers.

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