Latest Black beads Mangalsutra Designs

Latest Black beads Mangalsutra Designs

According to Hindu mythology, Indian women are yellow threads or gold chain or black pearl chain in the form of a Mangalsutra, which represents the fact that she is married. To make a mangalsutra a simple but yet strong, which can be worn on a daily basis, designers introduced black beed mangalsutra, which traditionally is worn in southern part of the state like Andhra and Karnataka and northern part of India. The golden part of the chain represents the power of God and the black bead represents Lord Shiva. In this view, the top 24 black beads are listed in this article.

Black Pearl Mangalsutra Design is definitely a simple design with an elegant touch. The most important benefit of joining the black bead thread series in gold wire is the abolition of negative vibrations created in the universe. Women wearing Mangalsutra are definitely going to increase the family’s energy positively.

Top 20 South Indian Gold Mangalsutra Designs

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