New Easy Foot Mehndi Trick for Beginners

New Easy Foot Mehndi Trick for Beginners

For a very long time, feet are used as a canvas of craftsman to prepare different Mehndi designs. In Pakistan and some other societies, Mehndi is connected to the hands and feet of a woman during the marriage and during other important events. Designs on the feet can be arranged completely by hand or may be specific as well. With the use of dark, red and orange Henna, a foot can attract different examples and styles of henna.

New Easy Trick Foot mehndi with the help of cello tape | Mehndi Trick for Beginners | mehndi designs Beautiful Henna – Video Tutorial

Hi all, this design is one of my favorite designs because making it on legs is very easy. It is good for Eid fast and opportunities like different festivals.

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