traditional heavy silver payal anklets design for brides featured

Traditional Heavy Silver Payal / Anklets Design For Brides

Payal is a fashion accessory worn equally by both men and women. Now a days, everyone loves to wear small paylets and small payal in small payal, both legs or single legs look beautiful and fashionable. Payal looks very good with any casual shoes, sneakers, sandals or less cut shoes and shoes or bare feet. A Payal is usually worn on both legs. However, according to fashion, Payal is also worn on a single leg. These single leg payal looks absolutely stuning. Single Payal’s trend is very much in fashion, especially with skirt, clothes and jeans.

The leg and hand are the part of the body that gets to see the first when they interact. So it is very important to maintain the hands and feet beautifully. Access the legs with beautiful payal in different metals, patterns, sizes, designs etc is really a tendency to catch fat in the fashion industry. Even many celebrities are wearing beautiful payal in the award shoes, function, red carpet etc.

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