Best Finger Tip Red VS Green Mehndi Design

Best Finger Tip (Red V/S Green) Mehndi Design

Who does not love Mehndi? This is an essential part of every girl’s bride routine! We are all familiar with bridal henna on all hands and feet, but today, we are here to share a new trend that is viral! Yes, this finger is a henna! Finger Mehndi designs are very unique and modern. If you have to take part in an event as a friend / bride, it will be a modern assistant. Not only this, we can easily play it with your office clothes too! Here are 35 simple designs you can try yourself!

Best Finger Tip (Red V/S Green) | 2 Simple Finger tip Mehndi design for back | Latest Finger Tip | Mehndi | Beautiful You – Video Tutorial

One of the most traditional things that is essentially a witness in any Indian wedding is an enthusiastic display of ornate Mehndi pattern by the presence of a female attendant. These henna designs to decorate hands with hand palm, back of hands and even applications on the fingers. Designs at fingers can take a special mention as they can be simple yet.


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