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Daily Wear Light Weight Gold Earrings Designs

Try these light weight gold earrings designs made in just 10 grams of gold. Designs are perfect and luxurious for all occasions. Many types of gold earrings in our budget are available in the market; from our local market we get more collections in a wide pattern of designer gold earrings in less than 10 gm.

Light Weight Gold Earrings Designs

Jewelry is different kinds of like Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond but the most important and liked jewelry is Golden and everyone likes to wear golden jewelry, is that man or woman everyone likes to wear, so we have beautiful amazing simple and daily wear light earrings that you can wear according to your dress and occasion if you don’t like to wear heavy gold jewelry so this is for you because there are so many different and stylish light jewelry earrings designs for enhancing your look and outfit.

Now let’s begin this article for my all ladies.

Floral Golden Earring For Daily Wear In Lightweight

This earring has so beautiful floral design in Golden work. This Golden earring is so like to wear and you can carry this beautiful floral designer earring in daily wear. You can even try this beautiful floral light where earrings.

Jhumka Works Golden Earnings With Design

This is so beautiful Jhumka which has an amazing Shiny Golden design with floral work and looks so amazing and beautiful. You can try this amazing beautiful Jhumka with your outfit and deliver some special events.

Square Design Golden Jewelry With Dhaka

Square design golden earring which has so lightweight and elegant look this has a square walk with round Jhumka work in gold. You can even try this amazing light and daily wear Jhumka with your outfit.

Stonework Stylish Designer With Floral Golden Earrings

Amazing floral round design with white green and red stonework. This looks so amazing and very stylish and designed. You can wear this beautiful round earring for daily wear or on some special occasion.

Peacock Golden Designer Earing For Daily Wear

This beautiful earring has a Peacock design in gold work. This earring is so light and so comfy to carry in daily wear use this look is so beautiful and so classy. You can try this lightweight Golden earring.

Green And Pink Crystal Work Beautiful Golden Earring

Peacock earrings are so trendy they look is little different and amazing They have a green and pink crystal that works in gold so like and useful for daily wear. You can try and make this amazing beautiful peacock work Jhumka.

Designer Small Floral Design Golden Earnings For Daily Wear

These Floral and Stone Work Golden earrings are so light and very beautiful with an elegant design. You can try and where this daily wear Golden earring to make yourself more amazing and pretty.

Peacock Design Golden Earing For Daily Wear

This Peacock design Golden earring has an amazing look and work which makes your ears more beautiful and completely engage with your outfits and look this is so like to carry and useful for daily wear.

Pearl Jhumka Work Golden Beautiful Earing

This earring has pearl work with multi-coloring stone in gold, which is so light and so comfy to wear and goes with any outfit and any dress. You can wear this beautiful Golden earring for daily wear to enhance your look.

Peacock, Jhumka Golden Earring With Beautiful Design

This earring is so like and comfy. You can wear it for Occasions, events, functions, and festivals. This has a very beautiful keep Peacock design in multi-color with long Jhumka that completely match any outfit and make you more beautiful.

Designer Beautiful Golden Earring With White And Pink Crystal

These look elegant and beautiful Golden earrings which have beautiful designer pink crystal work that matches any outfit and dress and engages your look according to the occasion with this amazing beautiful elegant Golden earring.

Elegant Pearl Floral Golden Earing For Daily Wear

This Jhumka work is so stylish and model design which has beautiful Pearl work or a floral design with Redstone this is so light and complete. You can wear it with any output and suits everyone.

Amazing Floral Golden Earrings With Jhumka Work For Daily Wear

Floral Golden earrings with red crystal that is so amazing and very beautiful. You can carry this simple lightweight elegant earring in daily wear and enhance you are look and make you more beautiful.

God work Golden Jhumka with Beautiful design

This Jhumka has God’s walk and an amazingly beautiful design on the downward which makes your personality look more elegant and very religious. You can carry this cultural, trendy God design work Golden earring for functions events, and festivals.

Floral And Leaf Work Golden Earrings With Stone Work, The Lightweight

This earring has a floral design or leaf work with white and red crystal in gold this is so beautiful and light and useful for daily wear. You can carry these beautiful Lightweight  Golden earrings with any outfit.

Green Crystal Earing With Golden Work For Daily Wear

This stylish and modern earring is a green and red crystal with gold material. Amazing design on it that gives this Golden earring a more stylish and modern look. You can wear this beautiful lightweight earring according to your location.

Beautiful Jhumka Work In Golden, Lightweight Earrings

This Jhumka work has an amazing floral design with white crystal or a golden Jhumka that makes this Golden earring more amazing. You can carry this lightweight Golden earring for functions events, and festivals, whenever you want to wear it. You can wear this amazing beautiful earring and make yourself more elegant.

Peacock Golden Earing With Pearl Work


This beautiful Golden earring has an amazing Peacock design this earring looks amazing and wow kind of long earring. This is so light, you can wear account riding to your occasion and when whenever want to wear it.

Peacock Design Earrings For Daily Wear In Lightweight

This earring has a beautiful full peacock design golden Jhumka work that makes it light comfy and more elegant. You can even wear this Peacock design Golden earring for daily purposes, this will look amazing on you and engage your look according to the occasion with these beautiful peacock design earrings.

I hope this article you help you, get to know your amazingly beautiful, daily wear gold earring, that you can wear every day with your outfit and make your look shinier and more beautiful with these Elegant and Shiny amazing lightweight Golden earrings.


Light weight earrings in gold is a good way to get your desired design. These gold earrings are stunning and can occur in styles, hooks, denjaras, etc.

Hope you liked this article on light weight gold earrings designs. There are many options available for you to find perfect gold earrings designs for you. If you like what you see, then for more latest updates stay tuned to Kurti Blouse.

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Latest and Beautiful Gold Rings Designs

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