Diwali Makeup Tutorial Purple Smokey Eyes

Diwali Makeup Tutorial | Purple Smokey Eyes

Hello my love! Hope you are doing all great work and are returning around this festive season. Diwali, Thanks giving and then Christmas, New year all underline in one line. With excitement, today I am going to share an electrified yet softly-looking Diwali. So I tried to add purple smokey eyes with the color of pink lips and here is a quiet peak of my eyes.

Diwali 2018 Makeup Tutorial | Purple Smokey Eyes | corallista

Also I played a little bit with this look by changing lip color or lighten down the eye shadow if some one do not like to go with bright touch. Also very important note that I tried using affordable products for this look. Want to know how we can get this look ? Stay tune and keep reading.

परफेक्ट नेचुरल लुक के लिये लिपस्टिक की जगह लगाएं ये चीजें

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