Easy Juda Hairstyle Using Magic Hairlock

Easy Juda Hairstyle Using Magic Hair lock

Separated! This is nothing but a simple hair bun and it is known as ‘Juda’ in hindi. It is the most common, and is also the most frequently used hair style used by Indian women. However, Juda also plays an important role in marriage as it is mostly liked by Indian women who provide them a traditional form and still looks attractive.

In the list of bridal hairstyle, Juda comes to the first number but nowadays most of the girls give it in trend in any event or college. Indian women are proud of their long hair and most women prefer juda to maintain beauty as well as beauty of their hair.

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Try different juda hair styles every day or you can keep sophisticated people safe for a better day. You can also use any other type of juda on your hand. To give them gorgeous look, remember to add some fancy pins and some flowers. They will increase the beauty of bun.

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