How to Make Perfect Mehndi design With Cellotape

How to Make Perfect Mehndi design With Cellotape

Easy Henna Mehndi Design – Mehndi looks so beautiful does not do? It has a subtle color and a beautiful texture. It is easy to design a very simple Indian Mehndi design. They do not take much time and unlike other types of tattoos and skin colors, these simple mehndi designs are not permanent in nature.

How to Make Perfect Mehndi design With Cellotape|Beautiful Henna Design for Beginners|NEW/Easy Trick – DIY Mehndi Tutorial – Video Tutorial

Palm hand, this mehndi design is simple and easy to create with the help of cellotape, even if it looks complex. A large leaf in the middle, along with the vines on the finger of the ring and the other hand provides the center of this design. At the same time, small flowers at different ends of the leaf provide detailed description. Add to the beauty of wine design near the rest of the finger.


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