New Trick To Apply Perfect Winged Eyeliner On Both The Eyes

Easy Trick To Apply Perfect Winged Eyeliner On Both The Eyes

Easy Trick To Apply Perfect Winged Eyeliner On Both The Eyes!

We all girls like to apply winged eyeliner but its little difficult to get equal & even eyeliner on both the eyes. So in today’s video I’ve shared an amazing trick that will help you a lot to create a perfect winged eyeliner. just follow this trick to apply eyeliner and be party ready.

  • I’ve noticed that every girl has Lakme Eyeliner and also easily available. So, today I’ll be sharing. How to create a thick winged eyeliner, Along with that I’ll also share a trick by which, you can apply equal & even eyeliner on both the eyes and this eyeliner will look so perfect neither too short nor too thin.
  • So lets get started with today’s video but before applying eyeliner I’ll tell you, first you need to shake the bottle well, so as to remove all the the lumps otherwise this may ruins your eyeliner,so shake this well.
  • Remove the excess product not only from the bristles but also from the bond,as if excess product remains in the bond that may ruin your eyeliner. Now I am going to tell you a trick,in which you need to keep your mirror lil upward,so as you can easily see your lower lash line.
  • Now start applying the eyeliner,try to make thin lines then fill the gaps,try to take small strokes,so no chances to spell out of your eyeliner.
  • Now I am using a Kajal pencil, now after this time to follow that trick,by which your eyeliner will be even & equal on both the eyes.
  • Considering a line to my eye shadow. I am putting three dots with the eyeliner,which I’ll join later,as you can see there’s no much product on the bond,so you’ll get a thin line.
  • Then I’ll put a dot on the centre of our eyelid,as you can see here. I’ll join it from the point at centre of the lid to the winged liner end point. As I am joining this we can see a beautiful wing.
  • Now only need to fill this. Take small strokes and apply it slowly & if you are beginner so definitely take your time to apply it. So as to make your liner beautiful only need to apply it at the inner corner but take care one thing that if you take product again then don’t forget to wipe it. Otherwise this will ruin your eyeliner.
  • As you can see in the video I’ve got perfect eyeliner. Now repeat the same steps. Apply the liner on the other eye as we’ve applied it using lil geometry. So got equal & even eyeliner on both the eyes. It looks equal & even from front too.
  • So I am Party ready after applying this winged eyeliner and a bold lipstick and no need to wear too much makeup. So follow this trick once.

Easy Trick To Apply Perfect Winged Eyeliner

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Use These Tricks To Apply Perfect Wing Eyeliners on Both Eyes

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