Reuse Mens Shirt into Stylish Top

DIY: Convert / Reuse Men’s Shirt into Stylish Top only JUST in 2 minutes

The classic men’s shirt may look simple and ordinary, but every girlfriend in the world knows how comfortable the fabric is and how fashionable you can look in it when you’re styling it right. A simple shirt can be transformed into a variety of different pieces, each unique. Take a look at these 5 fashionable ways to redesign a men’s shirt and be surprised!

No wonder most of us hate to part with our favorite t-shirts. Fortunately, you don’t have to apart from his magical abilities for time travel, T-shirt fabric has features that make it an excellent upcycling potential. It is easy to cut, does not need to be hemmed and stretching just makes it better.

Designer Frontslit Kurti Cutting And Stitching Tutorials

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