stylish mirror work blouse designs for pattu sarees featured

Stylish Mirror Work Blouse Designs For Pattu Sarees

Mirror work is also known as ‘glass work’, has its cultural roots in Rajasthan and Haryana States, but these days many mainstream designers are using this art form in their creations and it is all over India. Women have become a popular trend with women. Work Mirror with its glamour factor and cultural roots is a good way to wear traditional with a modern touch. If plain saree you like what you like then you can add for marriage or with mirror work blouse design for festivals. I suggest you go for mirror work blouse design with modern cuts for a chic stylish look. You can also go for a fusion saree with a sign of tradition added with mirror work blouse for modern saree curtains can also go for the curtains. Newest age saree curtains give enough scope for attention and statement for your mirror work blouse designs.

Mirror work blouse design works well when attached with plain sarees or even mirror decorative sarees. These days, lehengas blouse with mirror works are also a rage. If you are bride, select mirror work blouse with your saree or blouse for a bright glamour look for a bright glamour look. Even wedding guests can select mirror work blouse design with plain sarees in plain colours of weather such as marsala, icy blue or pastel and neon.

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